Our story

Toscolapi was founded in 2002 within the Lapi Group, for over 70 years a leader in the chemical tannery industry. Today it comprises eight companies which, over the years, have experienced growth and differentiation within their respective markets.

Toscolapi Today

Today Toscolapi supplies an ample range of chemical products for various industries, providing technical solutions and a service built around the client.
An organised, reliable, and passionate team, working towards the achievement of new targets and to always meet the demands and most diverse stimuli.

Over the years Toscolapi has continued to improve and increase its activities within new commodity sectors. The growth has led the company to 4 operational plants, for a total of 35.000 m2 of floor space of which over 10.000 m2 are covered), 2.700 m3 of liquid products, one of which dedicated to the storage and distribution of solvents. As of today, Toscolapi is one of the few distributors located in the centre of Italy capable of providing products ranging from basic chemicals to solvents to specialities and niche products for the commodity sectors.

Thanks to the prompt response to the needs of the clients, during the years Toscolapi has developed products and service in target with each sector, with a constant commitment to their improvement.

This has been key to strengthening its position in the various markets, fully compliant with the environmental and social aspects in which operates.

Our Milestones

A journey made of commitment, accomplishments, and the will to continuously improve.

The chemical department LAPI GROUP

The LAPI Group was founded around 70 years ago with the company Figli di Guido Lapi by the brothers Francesco, Mario, and Dino, who took over the sale and production of chemicals for tannery from their father Guido. To this day, the chemical products continue to be the core business of the Lapi Group.

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